Zoho Books says ‘Don’t fret while paying multiple bills’

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Recently in Zoho Books you could record payment for multiple invoices issued to your customers. Now we got more good news for you!‚Äč

After some careful analysis on the feature requests and our forums, we identified another pain point for our users. Multiple Bill payment for a vendor.

Imagine this. It’s a bright sunny day, you reach office and get a frantic call from your vendor to clear your several outstanding bills. Not a result of your poor time management skill but just one of those days when everything on your to-do list goes awry. You want to resolve this as soon as possible so that you can go back to your planned activities. You pay your dues and click open your accounting software to do the tedious task of recording the payment ONE by ONE

Well that was ‘before’. Now Zoho Books allows you to record payment for multiple bills for a vendor from ‘a single screen’. You click on the magical button ‘bill payment’ and all the outstanding bills are listed on a single screen. Enter partial or full amount against the individual bills and save. You now save time which you can devote to growing your business.

Multiple Bill PaymentWait wait… we got more news !

If you are a business owner, chances are apart from receiving customer advances, sometimes your supplier may request for an advance payment for the supplies or goods delivered to you. You can use the same magical button ‘bill payment’, enter the advance amount and save it. When creating future bills for the same vendor, Zoho Books will remind you of the existing credits available which you can use to pay the bill.

Credits available for vendor

Hope this little feature solves your problem. Do send your feedback in the comments below and stay tuned in for more updates coming your way!