How Zoho Creator found its way into a Business School Curriculum : A Success Story

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Time and again, businesses from varied backgrounds deploy customized Zoho Creator applications for their varied needs. While it is easy to imagine a few run-of-the-mill applications which can come in handy, the truly creative and innovative use cases that our users come up with never cease to amaze us.

We take pride in showcasing such ingenious Zoho Creator applications built by some of our enthusiastic users. Today we are here with yet another usergroup that has taken the usability of Zoho Creator to an altogether different level.

The Insti:

IIT Kharagpur is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in India. Offering a plethora of courses in graduate, post graduate, management and doctoral studies, being an IIT-ian is every student’s dream. VGSOM is IIT Kharagpur’s B School. It is one of the top ranked B schools in the country. Like any other B School, the students of VGSOM are from varied cultural and educational backgrounds. But one thing that binds them all is the fact that they have worked their way into this premier institution through sheer hard work and are looking to learn as much as they can and step into the corporate world as managers with sharp skills and acumen.

The Coursework:

So far, we’ve come across different educational institutions using Zoho Creator for their data management needs. But IIT Kharagpur went one up and included Zoho Creator as a part of their curriculum. Developing an ERP Zoho Creator application is a part of the final year project for the students of VGSOM. A mandatory part of the curriculum, this seeks to introduce the students to the world of ERPs.

The “deciding” factors:

According to Prof. Prithwis Mukherjee, the man behind the inclusion of Zoho Creator in the curriculum, conventional application development platforms are getting outdated. Students need to get to the heart of the problem without having to first spend time learning the programming languages and then going on to develop custom applications. Zoho Creator being a cloud based solution, customized applications can be developed quickly and easily.

Here’s more from the professor himself, who chanced upon Zoho Creator through a Google Search, and his students who developed different apps on the Zoho Creator platform for their project.

If you thought that was interesting.. take a look at this thread where Professor Mukherjee makes the announcement to his students.
Now, that was one way we never imagined Zoho Creator to be used. If you think your story will surprise us, do share your experience with us. And we will tell the world about it right here!

Just In : Subforms in Zoho Creator

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Zoho Creator makes building on-the-fly business apps a breeze. And today it gets even better: Introducing subforms!

Zoho Creator users are familiar with the many fields you can include on a form. For example, we’ve had a Look Up field for a while. Lookup fields are useful when you want to associate data in one form with a single piece of data in another form. 
But what happens if you want to associate one record in a form with multiple records in another form? For example, what if you have an application of students and you want to keep track of the classes they are taking? Students will be attending more than one course. That’s when subforms become very useful.
In this case, you can create a form that holds the student’s general details (i.e Name, ID number, etc), and another form that holds the course details (Course Name, Instructor, etc). Then, while on the parent form (the form that holds the student details) you’ll insert a subform field, and you can choose to insert the course details – and thus that will become the child form. Using the subform field, you’ll give the user the ability to create multiple courses for each student. Here’s a quick video that explains how to add subforms to your application
Any new feature in Zoho Creator, comes with some Deluge Power to it. Subforms are scriptable too. When you build your app, you can add workflows and business rules to the parent form and to the subform. The subform itself is listed among the fields in the script builder. In addition, “On Add Row” and “On Delete Row” are 2 new events meant specifically for subforms. These tasks can be executed when a child record is added to or deleted from the subform.

We would love to hear what you think of this latest addition to Zoho Creator.

Build Order Forms, Increase Sales: Zoho Creator Payment Module

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Just recently, the payment module in Zoho Creator was introduced. With the help of this module, users can set up a payment gateway using their PayPal account. Once this gateway is set up, users can build a variety of applications that involve collecting payments, donations, etc. Our enthusiastic users have come up with a dozen applications that use the payment module in innovative ways. Today, I am showcasing a simple e-commerce application using your familiar Zoho Creator forms.

The heart of the application is an order form. Potential customers can place their orders for the goods offered for sale through this form. Not just that, they can also pay for the orders that they placed. In this sample application that I created, I am offering discounts on bulk orders, sending email confirmations of the order and generating invoices to send to the customers. While this sounds like a lot, it’s really easy to put it all in place. My PayPal account is tied to the order form for collecting the payments, and the customer can pay using either a credit card or PayPal account.

In this application, I am offering customized t-shirts on sale. Customers placing orders for 20 t-shirts or more will get a 10% discount.

First, I create the Order Form and tie it up with my PayPal’s sandbox account.


Zoho Creator creates the base form, which will contain all the items up for sale and their respective prices. It also includes the fields from the base form in the order form. I can customize the order form to add more fields, like the buyer’s contact information, shipping address, etc.


Next, I include bits of Deluge Script that will calculate the discounted prices for the order, send the email confirmation and also generate an invoice to be sent to the customer.

Now that the application building part is over, I go over to the Items form and start adding the items available for sale.


The application is now ready. I simply embed the order form in my website. The orders start pouring in. Now that took me only an hour to build. Isn’t that neat? Do feel free to try the application. How could you use the payment module for your business application?

Zoho Creator – Zoho CRM Integration – What’s new and what to look forward to..

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A while ago, we came up with the first step towards integrating two of our most loved and discussed services – Zoho Creator and Zoho CRM. Today we are taking the next step towards an even more tighter integration between the two.

While the first cut, with dedicated Deluge tasks, was more for the tech-savvy users, this time around it’s for all of us .. Yes drag and drop lovers, this time you are in for the party too.

We have introduced a new field, Zoho CRM. As the name suggests, this field looks up CRM modules and adds them as fields in the forms that you create. Sounds familiar? Well it had to. This field is a clone of our Look up field. But then, it differs in one main aspect – the basic functionality. Simply add this field to your forms/situated apps and pull out CRM data instantly. A few tiny deluge tricks later.. You would have pulled out all relevant info that you need about the module.

And that’s not all. In the view, the value for this field is displayed as a hyperlink. Clicking on that link, presents you a summary page of the Module from Zoho CRM. Also the value of this field, just like any other field, can also be used as input for Deluge tasks.

Here’s the video that takes you through the tech specs of this integration. Go on and get started on your next business app situated around CRM Modules. Zoho CRM folks.. Welcome to Zoho Creator.. :)

Psssttt: Keep watching this space! A bigger and better announcement in the same vein is on its way.

Zoho Creator Walkthrough Videos – 6 and counting

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At Zoho creator support, we’re always happy to cater to our ever inquisitive user community, newbie users and the demo requests. So, in addition to our existing support channels for Zoho Creator (the support team, the help center and the forums) we’re now adding a third channel: Videos 

To start with, here’s the first set of Zoho Creator tutorial and walkthrough videos. There are 6 videos that you can watch here. From a basic video Overview of Zoho Creator to a Video about creating Schedulers, we have tried to explain some of the features that we thought would be important for the first set of videos.

Do take a look at each one of them and tell us what you think. You can also tell us what other videos you would like to see. Leave us a comment here or connect with us on twitter and facebook. We’d love to hear from you!

We also have plans to expand this video gallery so, you can expect periodic additions to this set of videos. Watch this space!

Announcing the Do-It-Yourself Dabble Db Migration Tool

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Any service that your business depends upon has got to be reliable.. Be it your

email service

, your

CRM tool

or even your

database software

. There cannot be any compromise.. But what would you do, when you find yourself in a situation, where out of the blue one of your service provider puts you in the doldrums. There is no activity nor there is an announcement which tells you that they are ceasing operations. You run.. Run like never before to find a suitable replacement and put it in place before the plug is pulled…

Dabble DB

customers panicked in exactly the same way, when

this announcement

 came out on June 10th. They needed to find a new service to manage their database applications. A huge clamor amongst a few database application platforms/services ensued – what with nothing short of a windfall coming their way and everyone wanted to cash in on the opportunity. We at Zoho Creator offered


migration, support and application building to anyone who came to us with their data.

A few months on, going by the number of happy migrant customers, we can proudly say, we did a good job. But the migration process itself was slightly convoluted. The probable customers got in touch with us.. Let us take a look at their application .. Then we helped them with setting up of their application and so on.. Altogether this whole process used to take at least a couple of days. Well, 2 days may be a looong  time in certain businesses.

it required a person to take the customer through the entire process..
Too much time and resource consuming this was becoming.

That set us thinking.. This process had to be made a lot more simple and straightforward.

We are glad to announce that, we have now come up with a Do-It-Yourself Migration Tool, so that users can come aboard Zoho Creator effortlessly.Sounds good?? 3 simple steps is all it takes to port your application to Zoho Creator and you are done! Head over to

this page

to read more on the exact steps. And yes, as always, should you face any trouble at all, moving into Zoho Creator, do drop an email to us at .

Welcome to Zoho Creator folks!! 

PS: Remember

Indiana Military Organization

? – Our famous DabbleDB Migrant customer.