Convert visitors to subscribers — Zoho Sites introduces the Newsletter Subscription Form

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Email marketing is an inexpensive way to retain more of your current customers and sell to more of your prospective customers. That’s why we are happy to introduce the all new Newsletter Subscription Form that integrates Zoho Sites with Zoho Campaigns and MailChimp. Let your website’s visitors subscribe to your newsletter and you can keep them connected to your business with news, updates, and promotions.


It’s easy to add a Newsletter Subscription Form to your site. Just drag it on, choose which mailing list you’d like to connect it to in Zoho Campaigns or MailChimp, and start increasing your revenue.

To learn how to connect an email list to your website, visit our user guide or write to us at

Branding Matters : White label your Surveys

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Customizing a survey to match your brand can be done in a flash and, participants can recognize your label right away. To get better responses, you can also host the survey on your domain.

Zoho Survey introduces the white label feature to enable you to distribute surveys from your domain.

What is a white label survey?
A white label survey allows only your brand name on your surveys – you won’t find a Zoho Survey logo anywhere on the questionnaire.

Zoho Survey - White Label Survey

Using the white label feature, you will be able to host your surveys on your domain. It requires you to map your domain with Zoho Survey, to distribute surveys carrying your domain name in the web link. Read more

Zoho Survey: Segment Survey Responses with Multi Collectors

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Do you distribute one survey to different groups of people only to find that filtering results and analyzing reports is taking up your time? We’ve made it simpler to segment your responses with a new feature in Zoho Survey called the multi-collector feature.

What is a collector?
The term collector that we refer to is a ‘responses collector’. In essence, a single collector is a regular survey where you have one single survey web link to share with your audience.

With multi-collectors, you can publish a survey and send to different groups of people using separate web links. This way, the responses you receive can be filtered by collector for a better understanding of the results.

As an example let’s say, there are four schools, and you are conducting a one-week workshop for each school. Assuming your workshop begins from the first week of April, and you want to receive feedback from the students of each school, you create one Feedback Survey. If you want to segment the data received based on each school for four weeks in April, the easy way to do it is by creating multi-collectors on your survey.

The benefit of this feature is that you can change the Publish settings for every collector you create:

  • A new web link is automatically generated
  • You can set different ‘Close Survey’ dates
  • An offline survey link is additionally generated

Zoho Survey Multi Collector

As per the example, i.e. four weeks, four schools (four groups) here’s a broad view of how the multi-collector feature works.

1.Create a survey and visit the Deploy tab on your survey to create the multi-collectors
2.Create four collectors (naming each after the schools participating in the workshop), each of which has its auto-generated web link.
3.Visit restrictions and set a cut-off date for collecting responses. Each collector would have different cut-off dates (which here would be the date at the end of each week)

For a step by step procedure to creating collectors, visit our Help section.

Distribute your survey to these four groups. After the workshops are complete, and you have the responses to your survey, you will need to visit the Reports section to filter the responses based on each collector. All the data from your survey is in one place but, the filtering gives you a segmented and comprehensive report on the feedback collected from each school that attended the workshop.

Zoho Survey multi collector

The important thing to note here is that each collector works as a different survey by itself so you can set your publish preferences for each collector rather than for the entire survey.

Share your thoughts with us on this feature. Tell us how it works for you.



Surveys with Personality! Introducing Fully Customizable Themes in Zoho Survey

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Who says professional surveys have to be boring? With Zoho Survey’s customizable themes, you can send your personality with your surveys. Add your company logo to the background or header, or simply choose the colors that represent your brand. There is absolutely no coding involved.  So, roll up your sleeves and get creative with design!

Select  your background and change the font, create a border, add a shadow and align to reflect your style or create a theme that correlates with your logo colors. Pick the color, intensity, shadow, tile your background or stretch it. Play with the themes and watch your surveys become more colorful and lively. You can customize every part of a theme, right down to the submit button on your survey.
Fully customizable themes

To increase brand awareness customized themes can work for you in a couple of ways:
Recognition – your brand is reaching out to people and it shows you care to communicate with your customers.
Reaction – people identify your logo and quickly respond to the survey since they know who it is from.
Professionalism – Adds personality to your survey.

To any individual or a business, presentability is important. Couple brand personality with good looking surveys and you have the power to grab attention and get better responses. Surveys help you engage with customers for feedback so let your personality shine through in your surveys to connect with the people that matter to your business.

After spending time creating your amazing design, you can save your theme to use again on future surveys. To know how to customize a theme visit the help section here.
Getting creative and designing a survey is absolutely fun. Go ahead, customize your theme and tell us what you think in the comments.

Discover better ways to exceed customer expectations – Introducing Customer Surveys in Zoho CRM

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Zoho Survey is now integrated with ​Zoho CRM. If your CRM is the lifeline of your business, this integration is the perfect combination to transform customer relationships from direct feedback.

Whether you need to create a simple Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey or a detailed feedback questionnaire, you can get it done in a jiffy. Zoho Survey combines an easy to use interface with a number of question types and, if you need a ready-made survey, use a pre-built template questionnaire as your survey.

Build your questionnaires with Zoho Survey and schedule them for periodic feedback or to gather further information. Results from your surveys are pushed right back into your CRM. Not only are you able to view individual responses of each customer but you also have their entire history of responses in the contact profile.

What makes surveying a paramount need for your business is that you can maintain a consistent feedback loop with customers and your sales reps ​can sharpen their selling techniques. For instance, a sales rep on call with a customer can upsell or engage the customer based on the feedback the customer has provided. The answers from surveys are contextual for each customer which gives the sales rep an edge. How? He has information from the customer on his screen which he can use to engage in a conversation that is relevant to the customer’s response.

Need further reasons to use surveys? Picture these scenarios to see what you could be missing without them.

Recently, your sales rep won or lost an important deal. Do you know the reasons for the win or loss? If you ask your customers, you can measure and improve your service while interacting with the next set of prospects.

Product specialists in your team organize webinars and on-site training sessions for customer groups. Do you know how the specialists fare in their presentations? Getting in touch with the attendees and collecting their feedback helps your teams improve demos, webinars and training programs in the future.

How do you measure the satisfaction score for your brand? Periodically every few months or even once a year, knowing what your customers think of your brand propels improvement, better strategies and on the whole directs you towards providing exemplary customer satisfaction.

Within Zoho CRM, another element of collaboration establishes a link between creating surveys and distributing them easily which you can achieve with Zoho Campaigns. Once you are done creating a survey, you can choose Zoho Campaigns to schedule email campaigns containing the link to your survey.

The benefit of Zoho Survey being integrated with Zoho CRM is summarized in three points.

1.    Create surveys to gather feedback
2.    Schedule and distribute surveys and track responses instantly
3.    View responses contextually inside a contact details page

To know what your customers need, ask! The best way to do it is with Zoho Survey. Create a professional survey today and watch the results roll into your Zoho CRM.

To know more about this integration and setup, attend our webinar on Tuesday, November 4th, 2014.  To register, click here.

Zoho Survey Introduces a New Enterprise Plan for Organizations

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If you want to be the owner of a multi-user group, with the ability to manage permissions for users then, you will love the Enterprise plan. I give you further reason to love it – you, as an admin, need only purchase a single account with Zoho Survey, adding multiple users to your group as required. Read further for more details.

Zoho Survey Enterprise

Manage users
As the admin of a group, you become “all powerful” with permissions. You can add users to your portals from various departments of your organization. For instance, you can create separate portals for the sales team and the marketing team. Use multiple portals to organize your surveys, add users and assign the role of a member or vendor to each user. Read more

7 Tips to Get Bigger and Better Survey Results

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Want better response rates? Here are some quick tips for you.

Tip #1 – Use Zoho Survey
All masters are masters of the fundamentals. Start with the basics. Use a survey tool.

Tip #2 – Create multilingual surveys
While English may be the lingua franca of business, it’s always nice to be able to localize your content.
create multilingual surveysSelect your languages of choice, tweak the translation if you’d like and click to publish! Let your audience pick their language of choice!
translated survey

Tip #3 – Embed Surveys on Facebook
You have fans on Facebook. They have important thoughts and opinions on how you’re doing. Get your surveys to this crowd. Use our built in embedded survey instead of just a bland URL link. Read more