Create Your Own Online Meeting Solution With Zoho Meeting API

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Many of the website owners would be interested to integrate a product like online meeting in their websites. You can now easily build an online meeting product with our Zoho Meeting API. You can integrate Zoho Meeting through our API in your website and brand a new name for it. Also, it is not always necessary to use Zoho Meeting API. Instead, you can also use the feature Embed Meeting to embed your online meetings in website.

Let us see in detail the advantages of using Zoho Meeting API:

  • Makes it simple to build your application as it is done using REST (Representational State transfer) architecture.
  • Enables you to work on any platform.
  • This is a free service available for any website.

REST is a style of software architecture which uses the simple http and URLs standard.

HTTP Method Used in Zoho Meeting Action
POST Create, edit, delete meeting. Start remote assistance
GET Read or get meeting details

The API service permits the use of all present coding methods. Zoho Meeting API provides private and public URLs.

  • Private URLs are for getting user specific details.
  • Public URLS are for getting meeting details which are made public.

In order to use the Zoho Meeting API,

  1. You have to first get the API key using this link.
  2. Now request for a ticket by filling in the required details mentioned in the parenthesis [ ]

    https ://[ZohoMeeting]&FROM_AGENT=true&LOGIN_ID=[Zoho Username/Email Address]&PASSWORD=[Password]

  3. Send the authenticated request to Zoho accounts over a secured connection by submitting the URL in web browser.
  4. You will now get the ticket. Visit the link and choose your desired API.
  5. Follow the procedure given in the help page using the API key and ticket to get the API code.

You can choose the desired API formats (XML or JSON). Use our rich API to build your application and implement on your website.

Take a quick tour of how to implement the API:

For an example of how to use the API, let us take the case of creating online meeting.
Using the API, you can schedule online meetings by providing meeting
topic, presenter and participant address, date and time of online
meeting. Entrepreneur Assist uses Zoho Meeting API and integrates the online meeting application. For any queries, please make your comments here.

( Note: Invitation mail will
be automatically sent to all the participants. Creating an online
meeting through the API is same as creating through our website. Also,
you will have additional options in API like “Mail sending option” in
the ‘Create Meeting’ API. For more details, click here.)

Embed Meeting: It is not always necessary to use Zoho Meeting API. Instead, you can also use the feature Embed Meeting to embed your online meetings in website

Live Demo: Also, visit our Live Demo to see how we have embedded Zoho online meeting in our website.

Note: Currently the API is for online meeting and we will provide the API for remote assistance soon.

Live Demo – Test your PC for attending Online Meetings

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As you all know Zoho Meeting is a conferencing software for conducting
unlimited online meetings, web conferences and remote support. Have you ever wondered how all your participants will test their system for requirement to join online meeting? We have a solution now ! Use our Live Demo. Simply request all your participants to perform an instant check by joining our live demo before they join your online meeting. You can eliminate the last minute tension and ensure smooth conducting of your online meeting. Click the button below to join the demo.

Let us see the advantages of Live Demo:

  • Participants can test drive our online meeting from anywhere and anytime.
  • You can preview how your customer will join your online meetings.
  • Participants can view the demo in any operating system as we now support Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • You can request participants to test the types of viewers (Flash, Java, Active X) best suited to join online meetings.

What we have actually done is created and started an online meeting in one of our office computers and embedded the online meeting in a live demo webpage (Also, this is a classic example of embed meeting feature using which you can embed online meetings in your webpage). You can visit the live demo, enter your name and join the online meeting.
Now, you will see our office desktop instantaneously through default Flash player. Also, you can click on “presentation sharing” to view the presentation alone.

Here you have an easy option to choose your viewer from Flash, Java and Active X. To learn more about the viewer and the minimum system requirement for joining the demo, visit Multiple Meeting Viewers.

You can also chat with our team once you joined the live demo. The live demo runs 24×7, which gives you the flexibility to join an online meeting at your convenient time. In addition, if you want a personalized demo, you can contact +1-888-900-9646 or provide contact details here.

In the personalized demo, you will learn

  • Create and start online meeting
  • Join online meeting
  • Start remote session
  • Join remote session
  • Features of Zoho online meeting

Overall, you will see how Zoho Meeting is an easy and good performance online meeting solution.
Do join the live demo and provide your valuable feedback here or you can also contact us through our web form.

Zoho Meeting : Secure File Transfer in Remote Support

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“Can I transfer files during remote support?”

Yes. Today we have come up with a highly requested feature in Zoho Meeting – File Transfer for Remote Support. Customer/IT Support people can now copy files to and from the local and remote PCs. For instance, as an IT Support person, if you want to install an update in your colleague’s system located at another branch, you can now use this feature and easily install the update in the remote system. There is no need for you to send the CD or file through e-mail.

Files are transferred during remote support at high speed (depends on your bandwidth) and all files are encrypted (SSL & 128 bit encryption) before being transferred. There is no need to install any software and you can continue using the desktop sharing and remote assistance during file transfer. What’s more, it is user friendly too and is designed for your maximum convenience.

 You can now notice a bright new button on the Zoho Meeting toolbar (viewer).

 Just click on the File Transfer button and a dialog box opens with two panes:

                           In the Left pane, Local Files are displayed

                           In the Right Pane, Remote PC files are displayed

We have tried to make the file transfer process as simple and as easy as possible. All you have to do is just highlight a file from local or remote computer and click on the green arrow button. The file will be copied to the other PC. You can transfer any type of file between the PCs at a high transfer rate and in a secure way. Also, the file transfer process will not affect the desktop sharing during remote support.

Let us see the advantages of File Transfer:

  • Useful for installing patches and in getting log files from customer.
  • Unlimited file transfer without any restrictions.
  • Works behind any firewall and NAT Proxy.
  • It is an easy and secure way to transfer files between local and remote PC.

For screenshots of how to use the feature, please watch the presentation below:  (watch in a new tab)

We have come up with the initial version of file transfer and we are working on the enhancements like icons for drives & desktop shortcut, transfer of multiple files and resume of file transfer. Try using this feature and do post your comments here or contact us through our web form so that we can constantly improve and make it more convenient for you. Hope you will be able to handle your customers in a better way with our new feature.

Note: This feature is only for Remote Support and currently for Windows PCs only. We will extend it to other operating systems soon.

Embed Zoho Meeting in your website/blog

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No need to invite your participants individually through e-mail or provide them with meeting key anymore. No need for the participants to visit the Zoho Meeting webpage too. All you have to do is paste a few lines of HTML code of Zoho Online Meeting in your own website or blog (we will see this in detail a little later). Your participants have to visit your website and join your meeting. It’s that simple!

Embed Meeting feature will be very useful for the trainers who need to conduct e-learning programs and for sales person who need to conduct product demo. With this feature, you can allow your participants to join the meeting easily from their favorite browsers. You can greatly save your time and money and reach more people.

We have embedded and started Zoho Meeting in a webpage of ours. You can join the online meeting and see real time desktop sharing.

Advantages of embedding your meeting are:

  • Allow the participants to join easily from their web browsers.
  • Save your time in sending individual invitation to the participants.
  • Reach more people in a short duration.
  • Reduce your expense for conducting mass training like e-learning programs.

Now, let us see how this feature works.

Create Meeting

You have to first create online meeting to embed in website. It is not necessary to start the meeting.

Get Embed Code

‘Meeting Details’ page will open once you have created the meeting. Locate and click on the Embed meeting link in this page. A small window appears with a HTML code. Copy the generated code.

Embed  your meeting in website

Paste the copied code in your website. All your participants have to do is just visit your webpage, submit their names, and click join. They will be able to see your presentation once you start your meeting.














For advanced features, join the Live Demo from here. For a detailed explanation, please visit our Help Page.

Try to embed Zoho online meeting in your website and Contact Us to let us know your feedback. We will be happy to hear from you.

Zoho Meeting Desktop Plugin – Access your online meetings faster

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If you want to provide demo or sales presentations quickly and want to save time in visiting the webpage then we have a solution to your need – Desktop Plugin of Zoho Meeting.

Also, if you are a customer support person conducting frequent meetings or remote sessions, you
can use the desktop plugin and save time. You can
resume your previously conducted sessions without entering the meeting key. 

We have created the plugin with most of the features available in the Zoho Meeting website. With desktop plugin, you can Create online meeting/remote session, Join online meeting/remote session, Resume meetings and View My Meetings.

Let us see the benefits of desktop plugin.

  • Easy starting and joining of scheduled online meetings/remote sessions.
  • Effortlessly manage all your online meetings from the desktop.
  • Instantly resume your previous meetings.

Now, to download the Desktop Plugin (for windows), click here

You can find the following options in the Home tab once you log into desktop plugin:

  • Create online meetings/remote sessions
  • Join existing session
  • Resume last session

Schedule your online meeting/remote session

Click Create Meeting button from Home tab. Provide details as given below in the Meeting details page.

  1. Meeting Topic: Provide topic for your meeting
  2. Date and Time: Choose the date and time of your meeting
  3. Agenda (optional): Provide outline of things to be done in the meeting
  4. Participant’s e-mail address: Provide all your participants e-mail address

Now, Create the meeting and then start it at the scheduled time.

You can resume last conducted online meeting or remote session from the Home tab. Also, you can join existing meeting by providing the meeting key from Home tab. Participants can join using Flash/Java Viewer without any installation.

You can experience how the Flash/Java Viewer works by attending the LIVE DEMO. You can join the meeting as a participant with the Flash or Java Viewer and see one of our office computer desktop setup as a presenter.

Create Remote Session:

  1. Click on Remote Assistance button from Home tab.
  2. Provide the customer e-mail address under Start Session and click Start.

Also, here you have an option to join to remote session by using session id.

View My Meetings

  1. Click Meeting tab and you can find the list of previously conducted meetings.
  2. If you want to restart any of online meetings from the link, select the particular meeting from My Meetings page and click Start.

Also, you can get details of all meetings from My Meeting tab. In short, you can manage all your meetings from here.

Try this feature and provide us with your valuable feedback, which will help us to improve.

Download the plugin from here

For a detailed description, visit our Help page

Note: This feature is optional (not mandatory) for the participants