Provide Remote Assistance with Zoho Meeting

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Many of you would have wanted to remotely assist your friends or parents over installing a software or setting right a configuration in their computer. And support personnel have the requirement of troubleshooting a problem in their customer’s premises. While this was possible by tweaking Zoho Meeting’s options (specifically, by setting the Presenter as the Customer/friend while creating a meeting), this wasn’t very intuitive, and rightly so :) Hence, we came up with a ‘Remote Assistance’ feature in Zoho Meeting specifically for this purpose – providing remote support to your friends and customers.

To use this, go to and click on the Remote Assistance tab. You will see 2 options – Start and Join. Enter the email address of the person whose desktop you want to see (person whom you want to provide Remote support/assistance to), and click Start. You should see a screen like this :


And you should see a viewer opening in your PC, which will wait for the Presenter (person on the other side) to join the session. An email will be sent to the person to join the session. Otherwise, you can ask them to go to (short form for Zoho Meeting :) ) over phone or IM and enter the 9 digit Session Id (that you’ll see on the web page) to join your session.


Once the person joins the session, you should be able to see his/her desktop. Now, if you want to ‘take control’ of the PC and debug/trouble shoot issues, you can press the Request Control button in your toolbar, and you will gain control of the PC automatically! This should hopefully help you provide Remote Assistance in a few clicks!


Do give Remote Assistance a spin and let us know your thoughts and comments. In case of issues/queries our id is support (at) zohomeeting (dot) com or srk (at) zoho (dot) com.

Zoho Meeting : Skype Integration and more

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A lot many new features have gone in to Zoho Meeting since its Beta launch. A few of them below.

Skype Integration
We have added the ability to do Skype conferencing in Zoho Meeting. This allows you to converse with your participants.

When you click on Create Meeting, there is a ‘Skype’ checkbox (beside the Presenter’s section). Enabling it will get you a new column. Just enter the Skype ids of people whom you want to include in the conference.


You can also decide when you want to start the Skype conferencing. After you create a Meeting, you will get a button, Skype Conference. zmstartskype.JPG

On clicking that, users will be automatically dialed on Skype and included in the conferencing system!

Buddy List Auto Fill
Zoho Meeting also remembers the names/email addresses of the participants you have recently invited. When you type in the first few letters, there is an auto-fill/suggest box which helps fill the names easily.


Inviting Users to your Meeting Session
One feedback we receive quite often is, ‘How do I invite users to a meeting?’. There are multiple ways you can invite people to a Zoho Meeting session, at various stages of the meeting session.
1) When creating a meeting, you can specify their email addresses in ‘Participants’ section
2) After creating a Meeting, there is an link to ‘Invite‘ people. Clicking on that will give you multiple ways to invite people – standard Zoho Meeting invitation through email, sending a link using your Mail Client or IM, or using the Meeting Key to join


3) After installing the Agent/Presenter, there is an invite icon in the toolbar. Clicking on it will enable you invite people, giving their mail id.


For comments or suggestions, my id is srk(at)zoho(dot)com

Do give Zoho Meeting a shot and let us know what you think!