Application Reordering in Zoho Business

If you are a Zoho Business user, you are probably familiar with the navigation side bar. Yes, the one that lists the apps on the left. The apps listed and the ordering here is predetermined. But if you have to make some changes to this order of your application listed, you had to go to Settings > Application and reorder them.

This is no longer the case. We now added the option to reorder the applications right on the App Navigation bar. Simply drag and drop the apps to the desired position and leave it there. Simple, ain't it?

While you are at it, it might be worth noticing another small enhancement. If you click on the logo in Zoho Business, the top row collapses giving you more space to work with. We figured your work area is more important than our branding. To go back, click on the down arrow from the Apps tab ().

If you have any suggestions that could make things simple, drop us a line.

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