Zoho Creator – Zoho CRM Integration – The First Step

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As we grow stronger and push out more features, our focus has slowly but steadily been shifting towards integration between Zoho Creator and other Zoho business applications. A while ago we came up with an initial step towards integrating Zoho Creator with Zoho Reports. We are nearing completion on that front and we should be up and about soon. In other news though, some of our Zoho CRM users have long felt the need to build situated applications like Sales Commission Calculations, Quote Request, Travel Request etc which can be created in Zoho Creator, and make such applications available to their Leads/Contacts from Zoho CRM. Providing some level of integration between the two services seemed to be the next logical step.

On the one side was our successful online database software and on the other side was our popular online customer relationship management counterpart and making these two behemoths talk to each other was no simple task. Endless rounds of discussions and drawing board meetings ensued. We needed to make sure we made space for each other and make one’s presence felt in the other’s space. And thus was born the initial level of integration between Zoho Creator and Zoho CRM.

So how do you access Zoho CRM right within your Zoho Creator application? You can now fetch records from any of the modules in your Zoho CRM account into your Zoho Creator application and even create new records in Zoho CRM from within Zoho Creator. No kidding!

We have introduced 2 new tasks in Deluge Script that will help you do this. Using getRecords() task, you can fetch records from your Zoho CRM account and display them in your form using a dropdown field. As for creating new records in Zoho CRM, you can use the create() task in Deluge Script and push the record into Zoho CRM.

Our help pages for Fetching Records and Creating Records should give you a detailed explanation on this. On the other hand, if you wish to open your Zoho Creator form/view inside Zoho CRM, that’s possible too. Thanks to the Webtabs from ZCRM. Read more about the Webtabs here!

So, there you go. Zoho Creator – Zoho CRM – Integration – Step 1 – Check.

Oh, there is so much more to announce! Watch this space :)