Customer Spotlight: Sam loves user friendly invoicing

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You never know when life is going to throw you in a spot where you have to save someone’s life. Sam Thomas has worked with Red Cross for more than a decade. He now runs Philly CPR Classes, his own venture, where he trains workplace responders, students and many more to be prepared for that moment. He instructs individuals on First Aid, CPR, AED and other life saving techniques.

Sam at training

With people all over the country calling him and numerous training sessions that keeps him busy all day long, he wanted a robust and user friendly invoicing software to help manage his business. His friend suggested Zoho Invoice and Sam says ‘it just clicked!’  He manages his clients list, their payment history, credit owed and tons more on our invoicing software.

He loves the invoice template and the fact that he can create an invoice in under a minute saving valuable time. In his line of work, he needs to add that personal touch to every form of communication.

In Sam’s words, “You can draft out your own thank-you letter and its not forced fit.”

Read ahead to know Sam’s tryst with Red Cross, running a business and invoicing.

VMom Pte Ltd: A Zoho Books Success Story

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I spoke with Keng Swee recently, a Zoho Books user and founder of VMom Pte Ltd., a print media company based in Singapore. His company serves clients ranging from banks to integrated resorts. Keng manages a small yet passionate team of seven. Zoho Books helps him to stay up-to-date on his bookkeeping tasks. And he cleverly makes use of Zoho Books’s unique invoice custom template feature to send delivery orders.

Keng’s familiarity with Zoho Invoice prompted him to migrate to our accounting software. He has a necessity to create numerous invoices and quotes for his day-to-day business. He happily said:

I make use of Zoho Books custom templates to send quotations to my clients. The templates are easy to customize and are extremely user-friendly.

Keng has experience in using Zoho CRM as well, he finds the product to be intuitive and more responsive. Click here to read the full interview with Keng Swee.