Just In: 100% Group Bar Chart, Column Subtotals, Top/Bottom N Filter Enhancement and more

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Happy New Year 2014 to everyone! On this new year, let’s see some of the latest features of Zoho Reports.

100% Group Bar Chart
This type of bar chart is quite useful when you have to compare each member’s contribution to the overall pie over a period of time. It’s like having a series of pie charts lined up, only better.


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Introducing Advanced Analytics for Zoho Projects

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Till now, project managers using Zoho Projects had access to limited reporting options – Gantt and resource utilization charts. Not anymore. Today, we are glad to announce the Zoho Projects Advanced Analytics Add-on, powered by Zoho Reports. Project managers can use this analytics add-on to know & track their key project metrics, and get lots of insights from their projects data.

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Know your Sales Funnel using Advanced Analytics

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When we published the Gain More Insight Into Sales With 3 Types of CRM Reports post, CRM user Wendy Wright wanted to know, “What % of leads were closed/won in the last month?” (i.e., how to know the total number of leads got, to those that finally got converted to sales)

This is where the Advanced Analytics Add-on for Zoho CRM, powered by Zoho Reports, comes in. It helps CRM users to slice and dice data, and get actionable insights.

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New in Zoho Reports: Dashboards Resizing and More Chart Sorting Options

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The latest update to Zoho Reports brought in two nifty features. Let’s look at them in detail.

Dashboards Resizing

A dashboard in Zoho Reports is created by dragging and dropping multiple reports on a single page. Till now, we had one/two column layout options with fixed width & height. We have brought in greater flexibility to the layout now. You can now resize each of the embedded reports within a dashboard. This makes your dashboard look prettier, allotting more space for longer/wider reports, avoiding unnecessary blank spaces where you need to have shorter/smaller reports etc.

Resizing the reports is easy. Go to the Edit Design mode, hover your mouse over the report’s borders that need to be resized and drag as needed.

Charts – More Sorting Options

We have added two more sorting options in Charts, important ones at that. When your chart contains a String or Date column in one axis and Numeric column in the other, you can order the values in String/Date column based on the numeric data in either ascending or descending order.

New options that have been added are:

Options when Y-axis has numeric column and X-axis has String/Date column:

By Y-value – Ascending: Sorts values in X-axis based on Y-values, ordered from smallest to largest

By Y-value – Descending: Sorts values in X-axis based on Y-values, ordered from largest to smallest

Options when X-axis has numeric column and Y-axis has String/Date column:

By X-value – Ascending: Sorts values in Y-axis based on X-values, ordered from smallest to largest

By X-value – Descending
: Sorts values in Y-axis based on X-values, ordered from largest to smallest

Try these new features in Zoho Reports and let us know how it goes.

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Vana Workforce Intelligence Launched

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Vana Workforce
, a leading provider of on-demand human capital management solutions and a Zoho Partner, announced the launch of
Vana Workforce Intelligence last week. Built on top of Zoho Reports, Vana Workforce Intelligence represents a breakthrough in the marketplace as the first and only workforce analytic, planning, and reporting solution specifically designed for the needs of small and medium enterprises.

Vana Workforce Intelligence enables organization to have a complete and comprehensive view of your entire workforce to understand the impacts and cause across your organization, from workforce data to benefits, leave, payroll, recruitment, performance, succession, time, financials, sales performance and more. It includes over 80 role-based reports, dashboards and measures in every area of human capital and talent management to analyse the real impact of workforce decisions on business performance. It delivers dashboards for HR Executives, CEO, CFO, Line Managers and Sales Managers, providing them relevant insights for decision making.

Additionally, Vana Workforce Intelligence includes workforce trending and prediction with the ability to create snapshots of data to report and analyze on workforce trends over time and predict workforce future headcount and create workforce planning scenarios for supply and demand forecasts.



Check it out at

If you are an ISV/OEM looking for a reporting/BI partner, check out Zoho Reports’ white label option. You can build your own reporting/BI solution just like Vana.

Using Dashboards in Zoho Reports

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An organization’s key information (data and reports) should be readily available at any point of time. A BI and reporting solution makes this possible through a dashboard. The below slide deck shows how easy it is to create dashboards in Zoho Reports and use the other features available (like inserting text/images and sharing/publishing of dashboards).

Some dashboard samples created using Zoho Reports

Create and Share Dashboards using Zoho Reports and let us know how it went.

Join the Data Visualization Contest and Win an iPod

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Chandoo writes a very interesting blog offering tips about how to make the best use of Microsoft Excel and to chart data in general. And he announced a data visualization contest
yesterday. Contestants have to map the sales data of a
fictional company using any software. The charts or dashboards created should
help a senior manager understand how the sales people have done in the
past 24 months. The winner gets an iPod Touch 8 GB. Cool, right?

Since Chandoo announced the contest is open for sponsors, we asked him if Zoho can be the sponsor. He immediately accepted. So, Zoho Reports is sponsoring this contest and we encourage all Zoho users and readers of this blog to participate in it.

Here’s the details about the contest. If you are comfortable
using spreadsheets, this should be easy for you. Try using Zoho Reports
for the task and see how different/easy the charting experience is when
compared to using Microsoft Excel. You can also try using our online
spreadsheet tool, Zoho Sheet.

Your comments welcome on how you charted the data, the approaches you followed, the software you used etc.