Automate your Email Marketing with Workflows and Autoresponders

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We received these questions from our customers recently:

“How do I send follow-ups to all leads who have clicked on a specific link in my email?”

“I want to add users to a new list whenever their potential/opportunity status changes in Zoho CRM.”

In Zoho Campaigns, it is possible to send out these follow-ups from the results of an email campaign. There are a couple of barriers, though:

  • The process is manual.
  • It has to be done for each and every campaign separately.
  • There is no way to automatically move recipients between marketing lists when they move from one stage to another in the buying process.

For a growing business, this is not a scalable solution. Our customers also wanted to move from sending batch-and-blast emails to sending targeted content based on recipients’ behavior in an email. Read more

Won a Big Deal? Trigger a Thank You Mail to your Customer from Zoho CRM

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To keep your customers happy, you need to connect with them better. And with the latest updates that we have made to Workflow Rules, we give you better ways to strengthen your customer relationships.

Move on to the “Actions” section in the Workflow Rule creation page and check out the “Recipients” field. You can now select email fields in related modules too!

Wondering how this can be helpful? Take this case: You win a deal, and you want to send a thank you mail to your Customer, instantly. With the earlier updates that we made to Workflow Rules, this would not have been possible. But now, with the ability to select email fields in related modules, all you have to do is: Create a Workflow Rule for the Potentials module and select the email fields in the Contacts module. Simple? The rule triggers your email as soon as you win the deal.

You can also send friendly payment reminders to customers a couple of days before the payment due date.

With the new updated Workflow Rules, you have more options for automation of your business processes, better customer relationships and you also save a lot of time.

That’s not the only update. It is also possible to filter your Workflow rules based on the module and by status too! So if you want to review all the Active rules that you have for the Leads module, it’s much more simpler now. No more searching.

Wait, there’s one more. The Due Date field in Workflow Tasks now supports Date-Time fields also.

All these updates are available only in the Enterprise Edition. And there’s no extra cost!

Together with the earlier updates, we believe these additions will be useful to you. Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook and let us know what you think.

Workflow Automation in Zoho Recruit

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The world continues to morph us with ever faster lives. And we no longer can expect recruiters to do everything manually as it’s not a smart use of resources. 
For instance, let’s say the Sales team in an organization creates job openings for the clients. Once the job openings are created, the recruiters start to work on different stages of the recruitment process – source, track and hire candidates. When the candidate gets selected and hired for the job opening, the recruiter changes the candidate status to hired. Now, the recruiter should keep the sales team updated about the candidate hired information, to process the invoice for the clients. Doing these frequent updates manually makes the work more hectic.
Processes must be streamlined in a better way to cater to the needs of the new generation. The more your work flow is automated, the better it is. 
Zoho Recruit – Applicant Tracking System now allows to set your workflow, to trigger customized email notifications to all the specified recipients – on status change of candidates and job openings. This workflow automation helps you to enhance your team’s collaboration and productivity.  

We hope you find this improvement useful. Thanks again for using Zoho Recruit and do let us know your feedback.