Zoho Creator Walkthrough Videos – 6 and counting

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At Zoho creator support, we’re always happy to cater to our ever inquisitive user community, newbie users and the demo requests. So, in addition to our existing support channels for Zoho Creator (the support team, the help center and the forums) we’re now adding a third channel: Videos 

To start with, here’s the first set of Zoho Creator tutorial and walkthrough videos. There are 6 videos that you can watch here. From a basic video Overview of Zoho Creator to a Video about creating Schedulers, we have tried to explain some of the features that we thought would be important for the first set of videos.

Do take a look at each one of them and tell us what you think. You can also tell us what other videos you would like to see. Leave us a comment here or connect with us on twitter and facebook. We’d love to hear from you!

We also have plans to expand this video gallery so, you can expect periodic additions to this set of videos. Watch this space!

New Zoho CRM video tutorials, by our Customers & Partners

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It always feels good to hear from our users about their Zoho CRM experiences. This time around it’s a collection of videos created by our Customers and Partners on how Zoho CRM helps to manage their businesses.

Here’s the list:

By T3 Direct

Videos by Ryan Brown

More videos by Ryan here.

By Cazoomi

And one more, by Market Moose

Thank you RyanT3 DirectCazoomi and Market Moose for these videos. We also invite all of you to share any Zoho CRM video tutorials that you may have created. Let us know, and we will feature them in our blogs.

As always, keep your comments and suggestions coming in. And you can connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.