Zoho Books now supports Square Register

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Ever since Square replaced the clunky traditional POS with its simple and sophisticated app,small businesses have been able to sell and monitor their sales, from anywhere. Square offers small businesses a flexible and straightforward medium to accept credit card payments sans the complexity of hidden fees and surprise costs.

Today, we’re happy to announce that Zoho Books now seamlessly integrates with Square. All sales in your Square Register will be automatically captured and consolidated in Zoho Books on a daily basis. With the advanced banking feature in Zoho Books, users can reconcile these transactions instantly to save even more time.

Zoho Books Integration with Square

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Wise Up your business with Crowdsourcing

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People always look for better, faster and smarter ways to accomplish everyday tasks. Most times, we borrow approaches that worked for us at an an earlier instance. However, banking on this method stifles innovation.

Problem solving is no longer confined to smaller teams. The boundaries of diagnosis have expanded from immediate teams to organization and  even external agents like suppliers and customers. Complexity demands better and more creative solutions, and controlled crowd sourcing is emerging as a way to solve complex business issues elegantly. The Japanese have done this for decades by bringing workers and business partners into their problem resolution processes.


Today, crowd sourcing and collaboration have become part of a company’s culture. Vivek Wadhwa — an entrepreneur, columnist and academic— who writes in the Wall Street Journal about crowd sourcing as a tool for creative problem-solving that fosters innovation and co-creation within organizations.  It’s human trait to seek help externally, as we see on social media forums.

Businesses have been held back for lack of the right tools, which possess the ability to present, track, and resolve issues in collaboration. Zoho Connect is a tool that helps groups of stakeholders within an organization partake in issue identification, resolution, and execution — in a private and secure setting. It offers a searchable system of record that allows collective experiences to be shared, thereby driving rapid organizational learning. The tool can be used for problem identification, resolution, stakeholder feedback, or even as a quick and trusted way to assess product direction from early customers.

We use Zoho Connect in our organisation to drive our ideas and work, by collaborating across teams, time zones, and organizational levels. That’s exactly how we bring you better products. We genuinely believe that businesses using such tools for idea generation and problem solving will see massive comparative advantages over others stuck within traditional paradigms.

Have you thought about crowd sourcing for your business yet?

Bridge the Gap Between Your Sales and Execution Teams

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In many organizations, post-sales and follow-up teams that work closely to get their clients started up have little idea how their projects are progressing. This is often a result of an unintended hand-off — whereby post-sales activities are tracked, separatelythrough a project management system, with a different set of players from the CRM system that was used to track the deal. Consequently, internal teams work with partial information and are often caught by surprise, compromising their customer’s first experience. Not any more.

Zoho CRM addresses this problem by letting you plan and execute projects within your CRM software. We do this by integrating Zoho Projects, our advanced project management system, directly into Zoho CRM. Now you can contextually view and manage project information right from the Accounts, Contacts and Potentials tabs of your CRM.  This gives you the power to manage the entire customer life cycle — from lead generation to project execution — in one place!


Rodriguez Consulting is a New York civil engineering and land surveying firm that takes advantage of project management within CRM. CEO Lou Rodriguez explains their process.

“After an opportunity is won, our sales executives create a new project for the deal within Zoho CRM”, he says.  “A project manager is notified of this new project and it is his or her job to manage the project, set up a time line, and assign tasks to employees. Tasks are added directly to employee calendars and our firm uses Google Apps for document management.


Lou feels this has helped them consolidate their work, improve visibility, and save time.

“Zoho Projects has allowed us to replace whiteboards, Excel spreadsheets, and Microsoft Project files with one single enterprise solution that our entire team can depend on,” says Lou. “Managers get a dashboard view of everything we’re working on and this saves time spent searching through hard copies and online folders. Zoho Projects working inside Zoho CRM has allowed us to seamlessly integrate opportunities.”

Zoho Projects is available in the Professional and Enterprise editions of Zoho CRM, at no extra cost. Visit this page for a detailed walk-through of how CRM and project management go hand-in-hand to streamline your business and help you serve customers better.

Introducing Zoho Vault Browser Extensions for “On-Site” Password Management

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Seamlessly auto-logon to websites and applications, access existing passwords, and add new secrets – without leaving the site you’re on, or the browser tab you’re in.

​​Does this story of online password pandemonium sound familiar? 

Paul, an online marketing professional, spends most of his workday logging into and working in different websites and applications. He checks AdWords accounts, posts social media updates, makes and processes payments, registers with promising new sites, and more. And for each login and registration, he has to open a new browser tab as well as return to his Zoho Vault account to retrieve or store each password. That’s a lot of browser tabs and Zoho Vault trips, and frankly, a lot of confusion – even with Zoho Vault storing and protecting all of his passwords in one place

zoho-vault-browser-extensionWhat Paul could really use is a solution to the multi-tab madness he endures on a daily basis, a solution like our new Zoho Vault browser extensions. But before he buys into the browser extensions, Paul has a few questions, including…

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Build relationships, not just pipelines: All-new social features in Zoho CRM

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When we first launched social features in Zoho CRM in November 2013, our goal was to give our customers a place to listen to what people were saying about their business.

The social tab enabled businesses to perform all the actions they could from a social media tool, such as listening and responding to Tweets and Facebook page posts, monitoring search keywords and posting new content to Facebook and Twitter. In addition, they could also add CRM leads and contacts directly from listening streams.

In a nutshell, the social tab helped businesses using Zoho CRM get socially active without having to step outside their CRM.

But we didn’t want to stop there.

We wanted to take things to a whole new level by helping customers do powerful stuff that they couldn’t do with a standalone social media tool, stuff that brought the CRM context to social and the social context to CRM.

So we went back to the CRM drawing board and first wrote out this working definition of social selling:

“Social selling is about building relationships by combining inputs from social media into your interactions and making them richer.”

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Tricks & Treats: 5 ways to sweeten your email marketing

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While Halloween is by tradition the scariest day on the calendar, it’s also the official transition into the holiday season. For many businesses, keeping in close touch with customers and leads during the holidays is crucial, and sending frequent email campaigns is often the best way to communicate.

Prepare yourself for a great holiday season by pulling off these 5 tricks for a seamless email marketing campaign. Because even on a day like this, planning your campaign strategy doesn’t have to be scary!sarah_halloweentips

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Announcing Zoho SalesIQ – Real-time sales intelligence platform with tight Zoho CRM integration.

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Zoho SalesIQ testimonial

You run an apparel store. There’s a visitor who walked in after seeing your weekly ad. She paces up and down the ‘Outdoor’ aisle but can’t seem to find what she wants.

At this point, you politely step in and have a conversation with her. Turns out she’s just looking for a sweatshirt. You lead her into the ‘Winterwear and Thermals’ aisle and show her a few options. She’s thrilled and picks one of them. Both of you are happy.

What if you could have such real-time conversations with your website and online store visitors? There was no way you could do that ‘polite conversation’ with a visitor, up until now.

Zoho SalesIQ is a real-time sales intelligence platform that gives you the context and features to have meaningful interactions with your visitors and prospects. It also seamlessly integrates with Zoho CRMBelow are few exciting features of Zoho SalesIQ:

1) Zoho SalesIQ ‘Rings’: Intelligent grouping of website visitors.

Zoho SalesIQ Rings

Different kinds of people check out your website. More often than not, they all don’t express the same level of interest. Some just casually check out your website. Some go a little deeper and spend more time. A handful of those look for specific information like testimonials or a particular coupon.

Zoho SalesIQ helps you segment these visitors based on their levels of interest. Once you do that, you can prioritize and spend more time on those visitors who need your attention more.

You can arrange visitors in concentric rings based on criteria like their location, the landing page they just visited, the time they spent on the page or 20 other rules based on their activity.

You can also bring the power of Zoho CRM over to Zoho SaleIQ. Website visitors can also be grouped based on lead, contact and potential data available in Zoho CRM. You can even get notified in Zoho CRM when a hot prospect lands on your website.

2) Proactively engage with website visitors.

Zoho SalesIQ engage with website visitors

When visitors spend more than, say, 5 minutes on the pricing page or on a product detail page, it’s very likely they could use some help. They could have specific questions or maybe they’re looking for a discount. These are good opportunities to intervene and win their respect.

Zoho SalesIQ enables you to hand pick hot prospects and proactively connect with them. A real-time feed shows you how a visitor is navigating through your website. Have a context-rich conversation with them and add value to their visit. Read more