5 Reasons to automate your HR

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Behind every successful business is an effective Human Resource department. They ensure that your goals are reached by engaging your company’s most important asset – your People!

The HR staff is responsible for hiring the right candidate, managing employee details, tracking time, handling employee benefits, measuring employee performance and much much more. If you run a small or medium sized business, the use of an HR software for these activities might seem expensive. In reality, it’s not!
Automating your HR can help you save time and money in a lot of ways.

1. Make your first impression count

Recent research indicates that an employee decides to stay or leave an organization in the first 90 days. In Fortune 500 companies alone it has been estimated that close to 50% of the outside hires quit in less than 2 years.

Onboarding ensures minimal attrition. However, it includes many forms, induction programs, salary contracts, IT system allocations and new hire training. With automation, you can structure workflows to trigger multiple actions. For instance, automatically send out requests for IT equipment, ID cards and provide employees access to directly add or edit their personal data. This streamlines new hire onboarding and reduces the time taken to induct a new employee.

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The Technical and Human Hurdles of a New CRM Implementation

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It took Jamie Wilson, Coordinator of Global Operations for Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) six months to evaluate all the CRM systems the nonprofit was considering. He looked at Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Siebel from Oracle, and Zoho. His top requirement was a CRM system that could offer tight integration between financials and billing.

Initially Wilson began advocating Microsoft Dynamics because it integrated with Sharepoint and Microsoft offered a decent nonprofit pricing scheme. But when Wilson made his final decision he advocated for Zoho because of its interoperability with other applications through its open API. CDISC uses so many different systems and Wilson discovered that a lot of them integrate with the Zoho API right out of the box.

Choosing a system that fit CDISC’s needs was Wilson’s first technical hurdle. Now he needed to get people to actually use the CRM system which was a major culture shift for the nonprofit. Just because you create the workflow processes it’s not easy to get people to stop inefficient behavior such as sending all communications via email and attaching documents to emails. Ultimately his job required a lot of follow up with members and leads on how to use a workflow to make their life a lot easier.

For any other nonprofit struggling with a similar situation of porting over legacy financial data, Wilson highly recommends you get your financial data in the most standard format possible and get ready for a long cutover period. You’ll have to rely on old Excel spreadsheets for a while until you can start relying on the live CRM data coming in.

For both technology and people, Wilson advised, “Don’t rush the money and be sensitive to people’s attitudes to how they do work.”

TeamSupport.com integrates Zoho Reports

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TeamSupport.com, provider of web-based customer support and help desk software solutions had earlier integrated with Zoho CRM. Now, TeamSupport.com’s integrated with Zoho Reports too. With this integration you can create custom reports and dashboards on a variety of TeamSupport data – tickets, ticket status history, portal logins, KB traffic and chat requests – and share them throughout your organization.

Read more about the TeamSupport.com – Zoho Reports integration.

If you are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) like TeamSupport, you too can take advantage of Zoho Reports’ reporting capabilities, and make it the reporting module of your product/service. We offer a white label solution too that you can use for making your own private labeled (re-branded) reporting solution for your clients. Read more.

Xero and 1ShoppingCart Integrate with Zoho CRM

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This is a guest post by Vinay Joshi, CEO of Suvichar Technologies. Suvichar Technologies is our partner and they have already integrated MailChimp with Zoho CRM. Here are two more additions to the integration list.

If you use Xero as your Accounting Software and Zoho CRM for managing your Customer Information, you have something to rejoice. We have developed an integration utility that’ll let you sync your Zoho CRM accounts, contacts, invoices with Xero.

What are the benefits of this integration?

  • Seamless integration of CRM and accounting system
  • Increase the productivity of accounts and sales departments
  • Sales team can get real time view of accounts receivables in Zoho CRM
  • No software to install, no hardware to maintain, we manage everything for you

Read more about this integration here.

Using 1ShoppingCart ? Well, we have also developed a utility that lets you integrate your shopping cart orders, clients and products with Zoho CRM.

The features include:

  • Seamless integration between e-Commerce and CRM system
  • Sync clients of 1shoppingcart with Zoho CRM accounts and contacts
  • Sync product details  to Zoho product
  • Map client orders with Zoho sales orders

Learn more about this integration here.

Try these integrations and let us know what you think.

– Vinay

[Case Study] Pepperstone Financial uses Zoho CRM API for Optimizing Lead Conversions

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“Pepperstone Financial uses the Insert API to integrate with Zoho CRM and has been very pleased with the results”, says Owen Kerr, Director of Pepperstone Financial.

The Zoho CRM API has proven useful to many of our customers – by helping them seamlessly integrate and transfer data between Zoho CRM and third-party applications. And when your CRM system is integrated with other business applications, managing customer information becomes a lot more simpler.

Here’s Pepperstone’s integration story.

Pepperstone Financial, an execution-only Forex brokerage firm, based in Melbourne, Australia, needed a way to reduce data entry and also automate their email marketing and lead tracking process…they found their answer in Zoho CRM.

Pepperstone’s IT team were looking at several CRM solutions including Salesforce, Sugar and Zoho.

Zoho was chosen hands down for its extensive features, pricing and API documentation.

How has

Zoho CRM
 helped Pepperstone?

Effectively this has saved us a great deal of time and energy in the processing of new customer applications.  This is priceless to such a fast growing company.

We have also used the Zoho autoresponders to completely automate the marketing follow-up process freeing up our sales team.

Read the complete case study


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How the UK Govt and a Wildlife Reserve are using Zoho Sheet

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With this post, we’d like to showcase two completely distinct but interesting ways in which Zoho Sheet is being used.

1. Data.gov.uk

Uses Zoho Sheet’s

Online Viewer API
to open public spreadsheet files on the browser.
The UK government had opened up its data for other people to re-use. This is only about non-personal, non-sensitive data – information like the list of schools, crime rates or the performance of your council.

is the first step in creating a network of re-useable government data. It is a key part of the UK Government’s work on Transparency which is being lead by the Transparency Board.
You will find over 5,400 public datasets about how governments spends money. Most of these are in the form of CSV and XLS files. This website uses Zoho Sheet’s 

Online Viewer API
to allow viewing these public spreadsheet files on your browser. Here is an example. Click on the image to go to that website.
When you view these public spreadsheets using Zoho’s editor, you can optionally save the spreadsheet to your Zoho account and do further analysis on the data such as creating Pivot Tables, drawing Charts, using the 350+ formulas available with us, etc. 

2. Darley & Nutwood Local Nature Reserve
Uses Zoho Sheet to create spreadsheets of wildlife registers and publish these spreadsheets online for everyone to see.

maintains wildlife registers on Zoho Sheet. This includes sighting of rare and uncommon species of birds, mammals, insects and plants. They are a small group of people from all walks of life having one thing in common: To study and protect wildlife.
Nutwood is a small area north of the city of Derby in central England and it has been designated as a Local Nature Reserve by Natural England. It is owned by Derby City Council who have commissioned the Wildlife Trust to produce a Management Plan recommending actions between 2007 and 2011. A Management Group has been formed several years ago to administer this plan and much has been achieved.
From their website:

If you are a Wildlife Enthusiast, if you are interested in birds, mammals, insects or plants, whether you are a beginner or know quite a lot about it, this may interest you. We have a very small group of dedicated enthusiasts constantly watching and monitoring aspects of the wildlife in our Nature Reserve. I hope you’ve been able to look at our wildlife registers on this site which will give you an idea of what we are trying to do.

We are looking towards expanding the group by getting dedicated local people involved, particularly dealing with insects and plant life on the Reserve. You would not be committed to a particular work program and we would encourage people to develop their own approach with advice and support from the Management Group. You could devote as much or as little time as you wish. Be a wildlife enthusiast!
Zoho Sheet is used to maintain the online wildlife registers. These spreadsheets are then published so that they are available on a public URL and accessible to everyone on the internet. Here is a screenshot of part of the spreadsheet. Click on the image to view the Birds Register spreadsheet on Zoho.

How are you using Zoho Sheet? Do share your story with us by posting a topic at 

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Zoho@Zoho: Simple and Creative

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It is that time of the year to thank all you wonderful customers for your patronage. We see this as the end of yet another great year of togetherness. Carrying forward the faith into the year to come, here is wishing all Zoho users and others too, a very joyous season.
As for our customary application for this week, festive spirit is in the air and everyone is coming up with new ways of celebrating. I didn’t want to ruin the mood for you with a utility-packed application. Instead, it seemed a good idea to showcase creativity. At Zoho Creator, we worship creativity. There are plenty of people out there with a wild thing for creativity; Passionate about it to the core. They are those who contribute new ideas, initiate changes and readily collaborate to create a better story, out of whatever they have at hand. Bending your mind around corners is all what getting creative is about. That is also just what creating custom applications / creative applications is all about.
Twitter being one of the fastest and wide-spread means of getting to know of a product or service, we decided to flaunt our favorite tweets on our home page. We could have used the default badges and widgets provided by Twitter, but how could we just settle for that? Not with Zoho Creator at hand. We did try out something new with Zoho Creator. It is an application to fetch our favorite tweets, save them on a view, and embed the view on our home page. Twitter provides an API to fetch our favorite tweets from our twitter account. We had Zoho Creator’s HTML view to embed on our website. But we found the intermediate part to be more interesting; Creating a custom schedule to fetch the latest ones from twitter, automatically.
It was done and all was well. All pains were to cater to our thing for creativity. Other than this, the twitter application has no brainstorming complexity or never-heard-of sophistication. It is the simple idea that makes this application so unique. Just as simple things in life go on to be the best ones. If it will inspire you to put on your thinking caps, try it by all means. And in honor of the seasonal spirit of giving, tell us what your App story is!

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